Our firm offers professional design as well as implementation of construction projects of natural swimming ponds and eco pools.

Swimming pond is an artificially created body of water, isolated from the hydrogeological environment. Since the pond is mainly built for recreational purposes, very specific requirements regarding the quality of water should be met. Therefore, a number of processes purifying the water are involved in the construction of the swimming pond, which is essentially made up of two main components – the swimming area and the regeneration area where the water is treated with special wetland filters. They are the devices responsible for maintaining the appropriate quality of water. In this area various plants can be found which also contribute to the process of water self-cleaning. Furthermore, the system includes special water filtration equipment, skimmers, pumps or overflow gutters. Most frequently, swimming ponds are built either as new garden facilities or as a part of retrofitting already existing or old swimming pools. At present our company uses the best technology of swimming pond construction available on the European market. Please, take your time to check our offer.

 Our firm specializes in design and construction of water features such as: swimming ponds, eco pools, natural swimming pools, eco ponds, water holes and conventional swimming pools. Please contact us.


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